How can Chiropractic Help

How can Chiropractic Help

Most people are surprised to learn that a correctly functioning spine, and hence a healthy functioning nervous system can assist greatly in the prevention of colds, flu’s, sinus problems, pins and needles and even colic and bedwetting in children. What often comes as even more of a surprise is the fact that just because you don’t suffer any symptoms, doesn’t mean you have a correctly functionally spine and nervous system. Like heart disease, cholesterol and tooth decay, symptoms of spine and associated nerve problems may not present til later in the degenerative process.

The procedure chiropractic use to correct spinal and peripheral problems is termed an “adjustment”. A chiropractic adjustment is the art of using a specific force in a direction, applied to a joint that is “locked up”, or not moving properly. This adds motion to the joint, helping the bones to gradually return to a more normal position and motion. This in turn reduces nerve irritation and improves control of deep stabilising muscles as well as aiding in improved organ function. The purpose of this safe and natural procedure is improved spinal function, improved nervous system function and improved health.

There are many different ways to adjust the spine. The chiropractor uses his hands or a specially designed spring-loaded instrument to apply a gentle force to a specific area of the spine.

After years of training and clinical experience your chiropractor is highly skilled in the delivery of a variety of adjusting procedures. Regardless of the technique used, each chiropractic adjustment is tailored to suit the patient’s age, size, and unique spinal condition.


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