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About Corrective Chiropractic

Corrective Chiropractic was established in 2004 by Chiropractor and Clinic Director Mark Whitfield. From the humble beginnings as a sole chiropractor clinic, it has grown to now provide both Remedial Massage and Chakra-Puncture services in addition to the existing service. The goal of the clinic is to provide exceptional, quality service to all of its patients whilst continually educating people on the importance of maintaining a healthy functioning spine and nervous system to ensure optimal health and wellness on a daily basis and improve overall quality of life.

At Corrective Chiropractor patients vary from 2 weeks old to ninety plus years of age and are treated through the use of a wide variety of techniques. Conditions treated most commonly comprise low back pain, headaches, neck pain, sciatica and pins and needles. However, conditions also managed include sinus, neuralgia, arm and leg pain, jaw pain, tendonitis, arthritis and even colic, reflux and bedwetting in children. However, the approach taken by most patients is that of spinal maintenance or “wellness” care. Like visiting your dentist for a check up or regularly servicing your car, most patients visit for a spinal “check-up” to make sure everything is in place and working correctly.

This is to prevent symptoms occurring or re-occurring.

Remember, Prevention is better than the cure!

What is Chiropractic

Chiropractic brisbane Explained

Chiropractic brisbane is the world’s third largest health profession after medicine and dentistry. Chiropractic brisbane focus on the nerve, joint and muscular, nervous systems of the body, with a particular focus on the spine. The science of assessing movement disorders of the joint nerve muscle systems of the spine can be applied to problems in the jaw, shoulders, arms, hips and legs.

Chiropractic is based on the scientific fact that your nervous system, which can be likened to a   “communication superhighway”, is able to relay information back and forth between your body and brain.  This is of vital importance because your nervous system, which is housed within 24 moving bones (vertebrae) that make up your spine, controls and regulates all of your body’s functions.

Your communication superhighway, or your nervous system, coordinates and controls every function in your body through vital nerve messages and is responsible for the healing, repair and regeneration of your body. The goal of Chiropractor is to ensure you have a healthy nervous system so you are better able to handle the challenges of life because you are able to adapt, heal and recover at your optimal best!

We aim to correct bio-mechanical and nervous dysfunction and restore normal function to spinal joints and nerves so that the body can function at an optimum level and work pain free.

Australians make over 16 million visits to Chiropractors each year for nerve, joint and muscular problems; most commonly back pain, sciatica, neck pain, headache, arm and leg pain.

How can Chiropractic Help

Most people are surprised to learn that a correctly functioning spine, and hence a healthy functioning nervous system can assist greatly in the prevention of colds, flu’s, sinus problems, pins and needles and even colic and bedwetting in children. What often comes as even more of a surprise is the fact that just because you don’t suffer any symptoms, doesn’t mean you have a correctly functionally spine and nervous system. Like heart disease, cholesterol and tooth decay, symptoms of spine and associated nerve problems may not present til later in the degenerative process.

The procedure chiropractic use to correct spinal and peripheral problems is termed an “adjustment”. A chiropractic adjustment is the art of using a specific force in a direction, applied to a joint that is “locked up”, or not moving properly. This adds motion to the joint, helping the bones to gradually return to a more normal position and motion. This in turn reduces nerve irritation and improves control of deep stabilising muscles as well as aiding in improved organ function. The purpose of this safe and natural procedure is improved spinal function, improved nervous system function and improved health.

There are many different ways to adjust the spine. The chiropractor uses his hands or a specially designed spring-loaded instrument to apply a gentle force to a specific area of the spine.

After years of training and clinical experience your chiropractor is highly skilled in the delivery of a variety of adjusting procedures. Regardless of the technique used, each chiropractic adjustment is tailored to suit the patient’s age, size, and unique spinal condition.

Chiro, Kids and the Elderley

As a family based practice, we are fortunate to treat people of all ages ranging from young babies and infants to our more senior citizens. Children and the elderly can suffer from spine and nerve related symptoms just like anyone, however the treatment may vary depending on the size and age of the patient, and on the degree of bone density. Even an elderly female suffering from Osteoporosis can receive Chiropractic treatment, however her treatment will most likely differ from that of a twenty year old male football player.

Chiropractic in infants and adolescents may be beneficial in the treatment of simple back pain, neck pain or headaches. Posture is our main focus with school age children and postural assessment and early diagnosis are crucial in children of school age. This is a particular area of interest at Corrective Chiropractic.  In the Elderly, Chiropractic may be of benefit in people also suffering from back and neck pain with headaches, but may also help relieve pain from Arthritis, Sciatica, pins and needles or numbness as well as hip, knee and shoulder problems.

Chiropractic adjustments are extremely safe both historically and statistically when conducted by a trained professional, however a thorough history and examination must be carried out to rule out any risk factors and to confirm the patient is a safe candidate for Chiropractic, whilst also ensuring the cause of the problem is correctly diagnosed.

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