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31 Oct

Headaches and Chiropractic

Chiropractic can help with a myriad of conditions but the ones we see the most as Chiropractors, and the ones we specialise in at Corrective Chiropractic are particularly Headaches, but also lower back pain relating to disc herniation, sciatica and leg pain or sacro-iliac joint problems. Headaches can vary in type from migraine to tension or even

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15 Jul

July Special Offer

We have a Special Chiropractic and Massage offer for July. Refer someone for a Remedial Massage and you’ll receive $20 off your own next massage at our Algester practice. The Chiropractor and Remedial Massage Therapists at our Algester practice have been serving the Algester, Calamvale, Parkinson and Sunnybank Hills district for the past 10 years.

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26 Jun

Is my problem a Chiropractic problem?

“It Feels More Muscular-I don’t think it’s a Chiro Problem!” It’s something we as Chiropractors hear incredibly often. The common notion is that Chiropractors only deal with spinal bones, and when something “pops out”, we as Chiropractors simply “pop it back in”. If a patient has pain that feels muscular, the common thought process is

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27 May

National Spinal Health Week

National Spinal Health Week has just wrapped up and has been a great success in increasing spinal health awareness across the country. More and more people are seeking Chiropractic care for neck pain, headaches and low back pain (with or without leg pain). If you haven’t had your spine professionally assessed by a Chiropractor, book

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